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Some of Dori’s most popular topics include…

Picture This… is about seeing yourself through the lens of God’s amazing love! This is a full weekend retreat focusing on the beautiful love relationship we have with our Heavenly Father who loves us with an everlasting love. When we focus fully on Him, He puts everything else into perspective.

Extreme Makeover, Heart Edition… spotlights making over the inner attitudes of the heart in order to transform the outer countenance of the woman. We will apply the beauty products of God’s rejuvenating Word to the blemishes that hinder us from reflecting His amazing love. Each lady will leave renewed and refreshed…from the inside out!

Walk In It…  is taken from Jeremiah 6:16, “… walk in it and you will find rest for your souls…” It is easy to get lost on the highway of life, sidetracked and in need of a Spiritual GPS. With the Holy Spirit as our Guide, God’s Word as our map, and Jesus Christ pointing The Way, this retreat will take us on an adventure we can write home about!

Someday Your Prince Will Come! Dori shares her personal search for her “knight in shining armor.”  Many who have looked for love in all the wrong places find new hope in the love and forgiveness God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ… our wonderful Prince of Peace!  Dori’s “Gloria” character is a great opener for any event using this theme.

Capture My Heart Again… intentionally considers our need to re-focus on our First Love, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are His betrothed waiting for that glorious moment when He will return and carry us over the threshold of our new home in Heaven with Him. Weary hearts will be stirred to fall in love again with the one and only King of Love!

For Your Love… HE Would Do Anything!  This is an evangelical talk based on the simple but wonderful truth of God’s amazing, giant love.  HE not only would do anything, but He did do everything for our love when He sent His one and only Son to the Cross of Calvary!

In My Father’s Heart, There Is Joy!  When we tap into the very heart of God, it's a wonder what we can find!  This talk will take you to the very heart of the Father’s Love. Whether you have had the joy of an exemplary earthly father or not, you will know the joy of being a cherished daughter of God!

When We All Bow Down… addresses those times when we hold on too tightly to what we consider the important things in our lives. Once we give it all to Him, He has the freedom to do great and mighty things in and through us…more than we could ever ask or think!

Cross My Heart and Hope to Fly! This talk begins with Dori’s personal testimony as she goes back to the day when God met her right where she was. “The cross of Jesus Christ made a huge difference in my life, but guilt continued to weigh me down… until God showed me how to fly!”  When we fully realize God’s amazing grace, we can fly!!              

Seasonal Talks:

Gifts That Keep On Giving …A Christmas talk
Have You Seen the Star? …A Christmas talk
I Come To the Garden Alone …An Easter talk

Dori also does… Dramatic Interpretations to Music, which are included in weekend events, and are available upon request for single events as well.

Important note: Character monologues can be included in all presentations, and suggestions for new event themes are welcomed!

Dori Drabek is a Christian speaker and dramatist serving women's groups all over the country. 
Based in Orange County, California, she is available for retreats, luncheons and other women's functions.

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