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Question: Do you speak in costume?
Answer: Generally, I do a character monologue in costume, change back into regular clothes, and then speak as myself.

Question: How long are the character monologues?
Answer: 15-25 minutes. I generally choose a character that is most appropriate for the event and theme. Time allotments vary and monologues can be adjusted to fit your program.

Question: How does it all fit together?
Answer: It’s quite common for a single-session event (i.e., luncheon, banquet) to begin with a short welcome and opening prayer, followed by a character monologue. Because these presentations are done in full costume, it is necessary to fill approximately 10 minutes (following the monologue) with some sort of group activity or music. This time can also be integrated with door prizes or announcements, depending on the type of event. After the 10-minute interlude, I will be changed and ready to give the requested talk for that session.

Question: What format is used for Weekend Retreats or Conferences?
Answer: The same format used for single-session events will apply to each individual session planned throughout a retreat or conference.

Please know in advance that you, your leaders, and your event will be in my prayers from the day we begin working together. It is my desire to follow God’s perfect plan for only He knows all He wants to accomplish during our time together… and HE never fails!

Dori Drabek is a Christian speaker and dramatist serving women's groups all over the country. 
Based in Orange County, California, she is available for retreats, luncheons and other women's functions.

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